Income Calendar ( is a tool for tracking dividend declarations and payments, both as they occur and to project out future payments over the upcoming twelve months. Users input their portfolio with an easy-to-use portfolio system.

A dashboard then shows projections for the next twelve months in summary form with charts and tables, detailing expected income by month and also by stock; and these events are also presented in the form of a traditional calendar, allowing users to peruse each month and day, as well as add custom income events (e.g. social security income).

Any of the projected future dividends can be edited by the user, to apply their own projections for a given stock. Users can also optionally choose to have dividend reinvestment applied automatically for one or more portfolio positions.

Users can elect to receive real-time email alerts when new dividend declarations are announced for their portfolio holdings and recorded into our system, and receive "week ahead" summaries to see how much we are getting paid, and when, for the upcoming week.

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