CDx3 Notification Service ( — this subscription service is invaluable to preferred stock investors and investors in exchange traded debt securities. The "CDx3 Compliance Score" is calculated for each new preferred stock IPO (and each new exchange traded debt offering), following the criteria detailed in the book Preferred Stock Investing, Fifth Edition, by Doug K. Le Du. Notifications are sent to subscribers for each new offering, detailing the temporary trading symbol (if applicable), the permanent trading symbol, and the CDx3 Compliance Score information. "Par cross alerts" are also offered, for highly rated securities that later trade below par, and call alerts are also available. Weekly and monthly newsletters, an active subscriber-exclusive Discussion Group, and access to the Preferred Stock ListTM database system research tools, are just some of the other features that the service offers to subscribers. Plus, each subscriber gains access to an eBook download of Doug's book!